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Verte Clinique – a perfect smile

Smile is your visiting card. Therefore, we at Verte Clinique offer you the best solutions for regaining and maintaining your health.

Excellence in healthcare and our specialists expertise makes us since 1996 the right clinic for you and your loved ones.

We offer you a full range of dental services at the highest standards: aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, microscopic endodontics, homoeopathy, etc.

Our story began in 1996 when two experienced physicians and dedicated family persons – Alexandrina and Traian Coroi – had the initiative to open one of the first dental clinics in Ploiesti – Homeodent. A family clinic that aimed to bring back the smile on his patients faces by combining dental and homoeopathic techniques – the complete solution.

Our mission was and still is to provide medical services to the highest standards and therefore make our patients smile with confidence.

The clinic grew organically and the services offered gradually diversified as our desire was to meet patients’ necessities and even in the first opening year the number of requests increased greatly.

In 2013 our clinic undergone a rebranding and reinforcement process, jump-starting one of the newest and best equipped family dental clinics in Ploiesti under a new name – Verte Clinique Ploiesti.

Our patients benefit from the latest treatments at the highest technological and medical act level.

The clinic is distinguished by a classic line environment and cosy ambience, offering the patient confidence and comfort from the first visit. Each dental office is equipped with forefront modern equipment so to achieve the best works.

In January 2015, we are expanding our team and start the Verte Clinique Bucharest project. The clinic benefits of last generation technology and equipment that allow high quality dental and aesthetic treatments: microscope treatments, Apex Locator, modern dental units, intraoral video camera, advanced impression systems, special room for sterilization, devices and special equipment for dental implants insertion operations.

Cutting edge technology, certifications of the specialists team trained at the highest level and premium services represent the cornerstone of our services and that is the reason for which the company achieved constant stability over the years.

Verte Clinique – Bucuresti

Verte Clinique – Ploiesti

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