Orthodontics deals with solving dento-maxillary abnormalities by teeth straightening and alignment, improving thus considerably the patients’ overall facial aesthetics.

If you want to correct your teeth, then you must follow orthodontic treatment. Such treatments involve applying a gentle pressure on the growing or already full grown teeth by braces fixing.

Dentomaxillary abnormalities are growth and development disorders of the dento-maxillary apparatus. These can occur due to genetic inheritance or because of environmental factors that can affect the growth of the dento-maxillary apparatus.

In this type of diseases, time is essential!

Therefore, in order to detect problems as soon as possible the orthodontic dental examination should begin at age of 3-4 years, at which point your dentist can detect the occurrence of cavities, breathing impairments (“mouth respiration”) which appears usually in children with airways health problems.

For the little ones correcting development imbalances of the maxillary and dental arches can be solved through less invasive methods such as:

– Muscle gymnastics – carried out at lips, cheeks and maxillary level generating forces that act also on teeth and bony bases.

– Passive orthodontic devices that stimulate maxillary growth and maintain the necessary space for permanent teeth eruption.